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  • Up for a challenge?
    Our literature courses are incredibly challenging - and extremely rewarding

  • Ramp up your study mojo
    A large part of being a successful student is the ability to rapidly master large quantities of difficult material

  • Great literature, the food of great minds
    Learn to engage the most profound ideas with the greatest authors of history as your guide

  • Our Forest retreat, perfect for intense study
    Our facility consists of 20 acres of park-like beauty set in the Tahoe National Forest

Why Firm Foundation Academy

Intensive Whole Immersion Reading Programs

Firm Foundation Academy has a unique approach to mastering English reading. We only do one thing — literature — and we take it right over the top. Think of us as the extreme-sport version of reading a great book. We use cutting-edge software, targeted memorization, probing analysis, intensive practice, high expectations, and just plain hard work, to pack a year’s heavy reading into just a few weeks at our school.

Our Whole Immersion reading programs will challenge every notion you have about learning. In just a few short weeks, you will exceed your highest expectations. It is hard work — and the return is phenomenal.

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A Different Kind of School

Learning to be a good reader is a big shift. Great books tend to argue one with another — so by reading a lot our students learn to become part of a foundational discourse. Our typical day includes almost ten hours of study. Our students quickly become accustomed to long hours of sustained intellectual focus.