Our Northern California Facility - A Forest Retreat

Our beautiful school facility is on 20 acres nestled into the Tahoe National Forest in Northern California. It includes hiking trails, full track and field, gymnasium, dormitories, commercial kitchen, a resourceful library and spacious classrooms with vaulted ceilings designed to distribute abundant natural light.

Tahoe National Forest Retreat

Nestled in the forest, our retreat-style school is a serene and peaceful oasis — perfect for intensive reading and study. With acres of forested walking trails and a complete track and field, students have plenty of room to stretch their legs.

Extensive Facilities

A full gymnasium with a capacity for nearly a thousand, a commercial kitchen, renovated bedrooms, reading nooks everywhere and blanketed Wifi. Even on rainy days, there is plenty of room to move around and lots of quiet places to curl up with a good book.

Unique Classrooms

We have perhaps the most un-school-like classrooms you have ever seen. Since our students study for long hours together, we did everything to make them comfortable. Starting with plush leather sofas and ottomans, reclining chairs and coffee bars in every classroom.

Our Diamond in the Rough

Our mountain retreat school was renovated from a beautifully designed but lately vacant public high school. It was a real diamond in the rough. The whole community rallied together and pitched in to help resurrect this beautiful facility.