Frequently Asked Questions

We have been engaged in Whole Immersion reading programs for over a dozen years and it is only with the founding of this school that we have applied for accreditation. Accreditation is a process that will require at least a year to be completed. No worries though, as we administer a third-party pre-test and post-test, and we will track student work very carefully. Altogether, we generate a very detailed report of all student work and accomplishment. We will also follow up with whatever college the student attends and try to arrange for the student to receive credit for all assigned readings completed in our program.

Please contact us to set up an appointment with one of our counselors. If we believe this program is right for you, we will guide you through the application process. Setup a student interview.
Our summer program - is currently priced at $2,500 per three-week course. This includes all required expenses: room, board, tuition and equipment. We will make scholarships available for some students. Please contact our staff for details.
We would prefer that students do not bring vehicles to our campus. We will arrange pickup from the Sacramento airport (SMF) and Amtrak train station.
Each course starts with a one-day registration and welcome, during which you will be given a tour of the facilities, an overview of the program, and a survey of our simple rules of conduct. The next day, the first day of class, begins with a half-day of training in the use of our software and study methodology. After that we immediately begin reading our first book.

Every subsequent morning will begin at the crack of dawn with memorization of significant passages and critical facts - followed by ten hours of group and independent study. The first three or four days will be very difficult as you get comfortable with the software and as your mind adjusts to the expectation of being able to recall, analyze and discuss every idea, fact, character and situation in hundreds of pages of new reading each day.

The mind is an amazing muscle and within a few days you will be covering more material each day then you previously thought you could in a month. Our aim is to make this new level of capacity your new normal - surely a significant advantage in life.