Alpha Software Testing

By: Admin | Posted on: 08 Jan 2021

After months of fine-tuning the fuzzy result sets from the full-text search engine, we are happy to announce locking down version 3.2 — which is represents a completion of the pre-alpha functionality. We will now begin testing with real users over large reading projects internally.

Among other key features in 3.2 included internationalization of search results, external hosting of search and a massive growth in our internal foreign-language libraries. The ultimate goal is to have our complete library in parallel over the top 10 languages of the planet. The FFA approach of sequenced, extensive, audio-accompanied reading is already the only optimized path to mastery of a language. By having the library in the world's top languages, we position ourselves as the least know, best ever tool for mastering the world's languages. That's not a bad place to be.